erica rahavy


RDI is a family centered therapy based on research of child development, designed to repair the core deficits of Autism Spectrum Disorders.Through this remediation we will work on improving the quality of life of your child and your family.

All of us want to experience feelings of competence. For many children with Autism, they experience such difficulty with the unpredictable nature of social interactions, that they may disinvest or try and avoid these situations at a young age - leading to fewer opportunities to develop these neural pathways.

Through careful assessment and reflection, RDI will restore this Guided participation relationship allowing your child to conquer manageable challenges with you in their corner.

Please contact Erica to find out more about RDI and if it is a good fit for your family.

Behavioral Consultation

All behaviors are driven by needs. Erica will work with you to select which behaviors to target, conduct a Functional Behavioral Analysis to assess what may be driving these behaviors, and tailor a behavior plan to address these areas of need, which will also be manageable for your family.

School Consultation

With background working in multiple school settings as a school psychologist, Erica can assist your child's educational team in helping him or her to become a more independent and successful member of the classroom. Through observation and teacher collaboration, Erica will make specific recommendations for your child, tailored to his or her strengths and areas of need.